Trimaps offers geolocation services on custom maps (drawings, 3D,...)!

Get rid of standard Maps in your applications, use your own maps, they are nicer!


For Mobile Developers

  • Need to build a native app with a customer map?
  • Offer him geolocation using our services...
  • Just import our static library for iOS and Android OS

Starting at 300 $ per map

For Anyone

  • Get your map mobile in minutes!
  • Generate it on, and download it on the trimaps mobile app
  • Share it with your friends for free...

Starting at 20 $ per map


  • Experience the historic Fortress of Louisbourg like never before!learn more
  • Trimaps web site now available ! What do you think about it ?Tell us

Did You Know?

  • Trimaps can also help you to design your custom map!ASK US
  • With trimaps your client maps can be used offline! i.e. download when online, keep the files, and use when offline. LEARN MORE

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