Developers, integrate your customers' map in his app...

... and make it interactive !

For one of your App projects, you have to integrate a customer's image as a map ? Ski resorts, zoo, festival & fairs, company and university campuses have very specific maps.

You'll soon realise it may be more complex than expected to use them as real maps with geolocation. Indeed, these maps are rarely accurate, so displaying the user location may be a nightmare. And in any case, a simple image does not know about latitude and longitude, but about pixels !

This is precisely where Trimaps comes into play : we do the (latitude,longitude) to (x,y) translation for you...

Don't reinvent the wheel, and rely on our expertise !

Don't reinvent the map !

Trimaps turns your image into a map !

Our SDK offers a simple one method API for this. Integration is seamless in your app. Our SDK has no impact on your design, we just do the math for you, and you keep 100% control on your design.

Trimaps shows your GPS position on any custom maps: touristic sites, golf courses, cemetery,...

You can also rely on our HTML5 map viewer to display the map to your users if its style matches yours !

You want to discuss about your map projects ? Do not hesitate to Contact us!