Create your own map... and make it interactive with GPS !

Any map image

You made an image that represents a map ? You have annotated a standard map or topographic map image with your specific information ? You have sketched a map ? You are organising an event and would like to guide your users through the site ?

Make your map image available as a real map on mobile, and enable geolocation on it !

Create your own interactive map from any image

Trimaps turns your file into an actual online map

After you have scanned your image, or created it with software like "Paint", "Photoshop", "Preview" or "Gimp", just load it on to turn it into a real map that enables GPS positioning. Publish it and get a web link (URL) that you can share with whoever needs the map.
Your own map on mobile
Have a look at Trimaps EASY , our solution to enable anyone create his own interactive map online.

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