Map designers, unleash your creativity.

We feel frustrated today too !

Think about which maps are mostly used today on the web and mobile: standard and boring maps...
Think about which maps were used before, when printed on paper: nice city maps, nice ski resort maps, park maps, ...

Creative maps made interactive
Starting from that observation (and frustration !), do you think we can call this "innovation" ? Don't you think that maps have been forgotten by the web&mobile revolution. We think that from a design and user experience point of view, they got worse.

but... designed and creative maps are complex.

Why is it so ? Why do developers and organisation prefer the standard maps over your creative work ? One of the reasons is technical : most mobiles are equipped with a GPS to enable geolocation on maps. Where the map on paper was just an image, a map on mobile is now a real interactive feature, showing the user's position and other point of interest.

On one side, the standard maps offer those functionality out of the box. On the other side, You, as creative, offer good-looking maps. But today, customers have to choose between the two.

At Trimaps we want to bridge this situation, we want to take the best of both approach. And we provide the necessary tools and expertise to do this.

Trimaps for map designers

Trimaps offers the necessary tools so that any image you designed can be used as a map. And of top of it, we add the interactive features such a geolocation. You creative work does not need to be 100% accurate with regards to the distances or scale. Trimaps handles those deformations.

Your map is aimed to be integrated in a native app ? Or should it be just available online ? Consider our map publication options :

  • Trimaps EASY publishes your map online. You receive a address that you can share with your customers, or print a QR on the paper map
  • Trimaps SDK brings your map to the App developers. It takes care of the technical integration complexity

You want to discuss about your map projects ? Do not hesitate to Contact us!