Turn any image into a geolocalised & mobile map!

Offer your visitors the mobile map they deserve : get rid of standard maps, offer them the actual map of your site. Trimaps EASY helps you get your map geolocalised on mobile with no programming skills. In minutes !

  • 1 Upload your image

    To start, you just need to upload your map, give it a name, and provide its approximate location.

custom map image example
  • 2 Make it interactive !

    Within 48 hours, Trimaps adds interactivity to your image by enabling geolocation on it. You can then review your map and provide your comments.

Georeference the custom map
  • 3 Publish the map and share the link

    Publish your map and get a private link (URL) to share with anyone you want. (e.g. trimaps.com/yourmap).

    They can then load your map on their mobile device and find out their position

publish the geolocalised iterative custom map

Want to test? Upload your image and try for free !

Create your map now !
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