Turn any image into a geolocalised & mobile map!

You are developing an App ? Get rid of standard maps, add a custom one! Trimaps SDK helps you to add geolocation on it. In minutes.

  • 1 Upload your image

    To start, you just need to upload your map, give it a name, and provide its approximate location.

custom map image example
  • 2 Enable it for geolocation

    Within 48 hours, Trimaps analyses your image and creates the interactive map. You can then review it and provide your comments about it so that you are sure it works as expected before integrating it.

Georeference the custom map
  • 3 Get the SDK

    Include our library in your app and import the trimaps model file of your project.

    Our 1 method SDK is trivial to use and returns you a (x,y) point based on a (latitude,longitude) pair. You keep 100% GUI control. Get all details in the integration guide!

    Our support team is available to help you get a seamless integration.

integrate custom map in app

Want to test? Upload your image and try for free !

Create your map now !
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