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Think about maps of ski resorts, zoos, festivals, the map behind the bus station at the corner of your street, hiking maps, the plan when visiting a city, the one you get at the entrance of a tourist place... any of those maps deserves the right to be used on mobiles. That is what we think and why we created Trimaps.

If you think your visitors/users/customers would be interested in Trimaps, drive them to Trimaps. We will share the revenue !

Why should you become a partner ?

You should become a partner to get a commission on the sales you generate on this website.

Who can apply ?

Anyone ! You just need to have interest in Trimaps and want to promote it. It can be on a website/blog, a recommandation to your customers, etc.

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Here is how it works :

  • Apply to the Affiliation program by sending-us an email detailing your blog/website, and its average daily traffic
  • We review your application and come back to you within 5 days
  • We agree on the terms and provide you with a coupon code
  • Whenever a customer uses your coupon code when buying on trimaps, we clearly identify it.
  • Depending on the agreed terms, you get a share of the revenue.

Contact us and let's get started within 5 days !