University and Corporate campus maps made interactive !

Facility Managers, make your map interactive.

Facility managers in large corporations or universities have to handle quite some maps : visitor map, security map, access map, etc... Those maps can get quite complex and detailed. Help your visitors navigate through your site, by giving them access to a GPS-enabled map!

Trimaps help Facility Managers add interactivity to those paper maps. We bring them to mobile and enable geolocation.

Facility maps made interactive

Control how your map is accessible to your users

Trimaps has several options to make your facility map available to your users. Do you have a native app in which you would like to integrate the map ? Or maybe you distribute paper maps when visitors get in at the gate. In that case, add a QR code on the paper map to guide them through the site !

Consider our two options :

  • Trimaps EASY publishes your map in minutes. You do not need any technical skills and and receive a link to your map. Share it with whoever you want, or print its QR code on the paper map.
  • Trimaps SDK offers the technical building blocks to easily integrate the facility map in a native app !

Any other functionality you'd need ? Let us know!