Navigate through history !

Make historic maps interactive

You manage an historic site or a citadel ? Or you are just visiting a historic place ? Give a new dimension to any visit by enabling interactivity on the primitive historic map. With Trimaps, you can enable geolocation on your visitor's mobile devices displaying historic maps of your sites.

You are a history teacher and you plan a offsite excursion with the class ? Help your students realise how what they see today is anchored in history. Get the historic map out of the books, and start using it !

Reuse historic maps interactively

Trimaps for historic site managers

Trimaps offers the necessary tools so that any historic map can be used as an actual map. And of top of it, we add the interactive features such as geolocation.

Navigation through primitive Historic map

Your map is aimed to be integrated in a native app ? Or should it be just available online ? Consider our map publication options :

  • Trimaps EASY publishes your map online. You receive a address that you can share with your visitors, or print a QR on the paper map
  • Trimaps SDK brings your map to the App developers. It takes care of the technical integration complexity

Strong historic map partners

Trimaps is partnering with historic map content provider such as Europeana, and the European Association of History Educators (Euroclio).

Do not hesitate to Contact us for any map-related projects !