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Parks maps made interactive

Park maps use to offer paper maps at their entrance. To create their maps, they do not rely on standard maps (Bing maps, ...) but they have created their own map, highlighting the relevant Points of Interest (POI's), park attractions, food corners, etc.

These custom maps highlight the elements relevant for the visitors; in comparison to standard maps, amusement park maps are very rich and specific. Amusement park made interactive

From paper map to mobile interactive map !

The amusement park maps are usually created by artists. They are initially meant to be printed on paper, or on bulletin boards within the park. Therefore, displaying them on mobile and enabling interactivity is technically more complex than with standard map tools available online. This is precisely where Trimaps can help amusement park owners : we provide the tools and techniques to use your image as an interactive map, with the same simplicity.

We help Amusement park, Recreation park and Theme park owners to make their map interactive and available on the smartphone of their visitors, interactively.

Park maps made interactive

How the park visitors can access the map ?

Trimaps offers two products to use and distribute your theme park map:

  • Publish your map online with Trimaps EASY. You receive a address (e.g. that you can share with your visitors. Or you can print its QR code on the paper map, or on the bulletin boards.
  • If your park has created a native App already, you can integrate your park map easily with Trimaps SDK. Our SDK is a technical building block that eases considerably the integration of a custom map in your App.

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