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D.A. from Canada
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«I was able to visit the site today and it was AMAZING to see the dot follow my path through the site!» D.A., Canada
D.G. from USA
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«Thanks for delivering the library during Christmas. I'll also have more mappings to do soon!» D.G, USA
E.B. from Norway
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«Thanks for the demo - it worked really well!» E.B., Norway
R.H., The Netherlands
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«Yes, it works well, you made me very happy :-)!» R.H., The Netherlands

Featured custom maps

Trimaps has been used on quite some maps already. We enabled the geolocation on mobile devices in very different sectors, such as Ski Resort, Enterprise Facility management, Touristic resorts, Hunting fields, Festival & Fairs.

Touristic resort & golf course maps - Cancun, Mexico

Trimaps SDK was choosen to integrate the geolocalised custom map in the resort's application

golf course and touristic site custom map

Rock Festival map - Brisbane, Australia

Rock festivals need custom maps to highlight specific point of interest. See for yourself!

Festival interactive map

Historic site map - Nova Scotia, Canada

Feel the history of the fortress thanks to the interactive map with GPS

Geolocalised historic map
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