How do I set the reference points?

You can set the reference points for your image with our mapping tool (mapper) described below. Note that you must be a registered Trimaps user (free) to use the service.

You have two options to define your reference points : the “Map View” and the “Coordinates View”.

  • The "map view” allows you to define a set of points with you mouse. You just have to click alternatively on an actual map on the left, then on the corresponding position on you map on the right.

    As an example, the blue pointers on the image below correspond to the set of reference points we have used to define the mapping of “The Forteress of Louisbourg”.

    Georeference your custom map to enable GPS geolocation

  • As an alternative, the “Coordinates View” allows you to specify the (latitude, longitude) coordinates that you may have collected directly on site with a GPS. You can enter them manually into Trimaps, as illustrated on the image below.

    Georeference by manually providing the GPS coordinates

Once you have completed your mapping, do not forget to test its accuray, a described here.

If you have troubles defining yourself the reference points for your map, please tell us, we are glad to help !

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