What is “Trimaps EASY”, and how does it work?

Trimaps EASY is our plan that enables you to publish a custom interactive map on mobiles in minutes. No special skills are needed, just the image you want to use as an interactive map. Trimaps will turn your image into an actual map, showing the GPS position to your users !

Start by loading your image, then, within 48 hours, Trimaps will create your interactive map. Just test it, provide our team with your comments, and when you are satisfied with it, you can publish the map and load it on any mobile instantly.

When you publish your map, Trimaps generates a random link (URL) for you, such as trimaps.com/azerty. This is the link to share with your users and friends so that they can use the map on their devices too. To share more easily, a QR code can be provided by Trimaps, too !

See the feature page for more information, and do not hesitate to contact us!.

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