What service does Trimaps offer?

Trimaps enables you to easily transform any image into a mobile and GPS-enabled interactive map

Think about all the paper-maps you have already used (ski resort plans, historical maps, maps of festivals, fairs, the ones you used during a city trip...). Trimaps helps you to convert such images into real interactive maps that can be used for geolocation.

Trimaps has two plans:
  1. Trimaps EASY does not require any technical skills. Your map get published on Trimaps’ server and can be accessed by whoever you want.
  2. Trimaps SDK is a developer tool that eases the inclusion of a custom map into Apps.

For more information, please check the features page.

Trimaps EASY or Trimaps SDK is not exactly what you are looking for ? Trimaps has built a strong experience about interactive maps and mobile. We can help you turn any image or vector graphic (SVG,…) into an interactive map. Contact us !

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